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Our Product is the R & D of YOUR Product:

Electronic Design Associates (EDA) is an engineering design facility, specializing in custom development of your new electronic product, electronic circuits and related packaging. Your product may include digital, analog, embedded micro-computer and wireless technologies for the medical, industrial and security markets. Located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, EDA designs and  manufactures FDA, IEC-60601, EU/ CE marked, U/L, CSA, RoHS  and FCC Part 15 compliant products for Fortune 500 and Start-up companies. An associated team of experienced electronic engineers, software engineers, CAD designers, industrial design consultants and technicians is organized specifically for your project. From printed circuit board design (PCB, PWB), RF wireless technology and sensor interfaces to software development (programming), prototyping, testing, "packaging" and finally manufacturing; your project moves methodically from concept to reality using our "Phased Design Steps" process.
Advantages of Using a Contract Design Company:
Since 1986, EDA of Florida has been engineering the design and supporting the manufacture of sophisticated electronic products for medical and industrial companies. Why pay the high cost of set-up, staffing and maintaining your own engineering department? At a fraction of this cost, you can have an experienced team of hardware and software engineers dedicated to designing, prototyping, and manufacturing support of your invention or product. Even if your company already has an engineering department, consider the benefits of out-sourcing new product concepts without disturbing your staff's primary assignments. EDA of Florida is your most cost-effective solution, because when the project is complete, there are no on-going salary and overhead expenses.
Services Offered:

Product & Systems Design:
Integrated human factors packaging, embedded microcomputers & code, analog and RF wireless links all conforming to U/L and IEC/EU standards.
Electronic PWA and Firmware/ Software Design: Analog from DC to UHF & digital technology using the latest microcomputers,  C-compilers and PC-based CAD schematic capture and PWB layout tools.
Contract Manufacturing: While we do build your product through the prototype stages, thereafter, we typically work closely with local contract manufacturing companies. As your product progresses beyond a production prototype, you select the company to work with and we coordinate with them to bring the product smoothly into production.

Your intellectual property, from concept through production, is maintained in confidence by all EDA staff. Each staff member has a confidentiality agreement which applies to your products and intellectual property. EDA does not accept a client which has a competing product.  You may use our NDA or yours to begin the dialogue process with design step: Phase Zero.

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Electronic Design Associates
Tampa Bay area, FL   USA

USA: (727) 440-6635    em: eda-fl@mindspring.com

(USA): 27n57, 82w28, Florida

Medical Product Design Experience:
  • EMG/EEG/ EKG Monitors -meets RFI/EMI of  IEC60601-1-2, etc.
  • Biomedical Amplifiers: 2 to 16 channels: ESU and RFI tolerant
  • Vital Signs Monitors (ECG, Temp, SaO2, NIBP)
  • Dual and Triple Wave Pulse Oximeters
  • Wireless Mini-Oximeter (920MHz)
  • Blood Pressure: auscultatory & oscillometric (NIBP)
  • Intracranial Pressure  Monitor (ICP)
  • Advanced Rife signal generator and HMI
  • Anti-decubitus Air Bed Controllers
  • Endoscopic- Surgery Motor Controller (triple motor tool driver)
  • Exercise EKG with Bluetooth (2.4GHz) file transfer
  • Electro-Medical TENS generator
  • Sports, Dual- Pulse Neuromuscular Stimulator
Medical Sensor Experience:
  • Active Amplifier Surface EMG Probe (dry electrodes)
  • EKG/ EMG/ EEG/ Temperature
  • Oximetry: SpO2 and Disposible SaO2 Sensors
  • Heparinized Cardiac Catheter
  • Temperature
  • Inclinometer
Industrial/ Consumer Product Design Experience:
  • Aircraft Twin Engine Anti-theft System (Raytheon/ Beechcraft)
  • Aircraft Wireless Alarm and Entry (310MHz)
  • Aircraft Turbo Hot-Section  Automatic Cycle Logger
  • Aircraft Wireless e-Log System for FBO (920MHz)
  • Agricultural Tractor Monitor with GPS and web data access
  • Agricultural Irrigation Pump Station Monitor
  • Analytic Chemistry: Portable Differential Pulse Voltammeter
  • Analytic Chemistry: 1pA Sensitive Potentiostat PWA
  • Analytic Chemistry: Multi-wave UV Exciter
  • Auto/Apartment Key Security in PC Controlled Drawers
  • Vehicular HHO gas controller for reduced emissions (12v/50A)
  • Auto Fuel Pump Wireless Credit Authorization System (140KHz)
  • School Bus arrival and pickup wireless reporter system
  • Fleet Truck Activity Monitor Wireless System (49MHz)
  • Truck/ Auto Hitch-to-Home Ultrasonic Guideance System
  • Consumer Rec. Vehicle Fan Controller
  • Consumer Motorbike Wireless Safety Kill System (920MHz)
  • Consumer Lamp Dimmer with remote control
  • Consumer Wireless Lanai Shutter Controller with Rain Sensor
  • Gaming Industry: electronic bingo game with magnetic daubing
  • HVAC Electronic Setback Thermostat with Networking
  • HVAC Wireless Monitoring System for Contractors (430MHz)
  • HVAC High Voltage Air-Cleaner System (10KV)
  • Industrial Conveyor-Belt Materials Optical Pin-Hole Detector
  • Industrial Large Valve Servo Controllers (with MOD-BUS)
  • Bio-Med Signal Generator using Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS)
  • Machine Tool Speed Optimizer ("SweetSpot Analyzer")
  • Machine Tool Breakage Monitor with Accelerometer & Networking
  • Nautical  Man-Overboard Wireless Alarm with GPS  Logging
  • Nautical Hydraulic Crane Controllers
  • Police Dept. Stun Gun System (55KV, 2 amps peak)


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